Random Thoughts #4

Maybe you should start loving the person who you are and not the person who you want to be. A&V ❤ ❤ COPYRIGHT RESERVED©


T: ……You are no fun.

A: Says you.


She stepped into the alley. Her mind showcased all the deadliest things that can happen to a girl who takes a lonely alley way on a lonely night.


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It costs you nothing Brings life to the one; it may Who have forgotten to smile.   A & V   COPYRIGHT RESERVED©


Pretty as a fairy tale


I can see myself In your pretty eyes I said,”How beautiful!” And you turned away But, I mentioned me.

Of all the Fantasies…

Fantasy I just love it. I can be anything that I wish for. I can be a butterfly; sit on flower bed and enjoy nectar.

The Girl by the French window: CHAPTER 7

Dark gloomy basketball court; from a corner I can see light and howls and whistles of some ill-mannered youths. I saw two girls dressed so as to say that they are dressed at least; exposing skin here and there walking clumsily out of the court giggling to some inner jokes between them.